Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Unit 8: At home

LISTENINGS (From What's Up ESO1, Student's Audio CD)

VOCABULARY: Label the things you find in each room.

Group 1: Kitchen. What else can you find in the kitchen?

Group 2: Bathroom. What else can you find in the bathroom / toilet?

Group 3: Living room. What else can you find in the living room / dining room?

Group 4: Bedroom. What else can you find in your bedroom?

Home Vocabulary (Advanced)


1. Present Continuous for FUTURE: Choose the correct form.
2. Present Continuous for FUTURE: Arrange the words to write complete sentences.
3. Who are you meeting tomorrow? Look for his/her picture and tell me why. Look at the example!

4. "Going to" Exercise 5: Affirmative sentences. (NEW)
5. "Going to" Exercise 3: Affirmative sentences. (NEW)
6. "Going to" Exercise 4: Negative sentences. (NEW)
7. "Going to" Exercise 2: Write questions.
8. "Going to" Exercise 1: Affirmative / negative / interrogative.
9. What are you going to do this summer holiday? Think about it and write some sentences. Add pictures! Look at the example!

10. WILL: Exercise 1: Affirmative sentences.
11. WILL: Exercise 2: Negative sentences.
12. WILL: Exercise 3: Interrogative sentences.
13. WILL: Exercise 4
14. What will I do in 2020? Write about your future predictions.

Unit 7: Australia

LISTENINGS (From What's Up ESO1, Student's Audio CD)


1. Australia. Do you want to know something else about this country?

2. What's the weather like?

3. Transport and Travel.

  • EXERCISE 1: Means of transport. Look at the picture and choose the correct word.
  • EXERCISE 2: Read about the means of transport and do the exercises 1, 2 and 3.
  • EXERCISE 3: Look at the bus timetable and answer the questions. (Difficult)


1. PAST SIMPLE: There was or There were (1).

2. PAST SIMPLE: There was or There were (2).

3. PAST SIMPLE: Write the sentences in interrogative.

4. INDEFINITE PRONOUNS: Open the document and do the exercise.

5. PAST SIMPLE: The Smith's Diary of their Last Holiday.

Unit 6: Explorers

LISTENINGS (From What's Up ESO1, Student's Audio CD)


1. Materials:

2. Continents:
3. Look at the example. Now make your own slide presentation with the following vocabulary:

A Mountain, A Hill, The Ocean, The Amazon River, The Mississippi River, River Thames, Nile River, The Mediterranean Sea, The Lake, A Grassland, The Savannah, The Rainforest.


1. Past Simple verb to be: WAS / WERE (I).

2. Past Simple verb to be: WAS / WERE (II).

3. Past Simple. Regular verbs.

4. Past Simple. Regular verbs. Fill in the text.

5. Past Simple. Irregular verbs.

6. Past Simple. Irregular verbs and Regular Verbs. Fill in the text.

7. Past Simple. Negative sentences.

8. Past Simple. Interrogative sentences.

9. Past Simple. Negative and Interrogative sentences.

10. Correct the mistakes.

11. Past Simple. Mixed sentences.

12. Listen to the text and complete the text using the Past Simple.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

UNIT 4: Animals


a) Animals:
  1. Animals Hangman.
  2. Matching Game: Choose LEARN and ANIMALS. Then choose PLAY, ANIMALS and a SET OF CARDS.
  3. Animals Wordsearch: Choose ANIMALS and EASY.
  4. Animals Wordsearch. Choose ANIMALS and HARD.
  5. Listening Game: Pets.
  6. Listening and Text Quiz: Day at the Aquarium.
  7. Animal eCard.
  8. Animal Games.
  9. How do animals live in winter? Reading and Listening Exercise.
7. Blue Whale. Watch the video and answer the questions.
Blue Whale Activities
b) Body Parts:
  1. Matching Game. The Head. (With audio).
  2. The Head.
  3. The Face.
  4. The Body.
  5. A Wordsearch.
  6. Hangman: Read the definitions and write the part of the body.
  7. Animal Quiz: Guess the animal

  1. Can or Can't.

2. Must or Mustn't Exercise.

LISTENINGS (From What's Up ESO1, Student's Audio CD)

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

UNIT 3: Special Days


  1. Daily Routines: Look at the pictures and choose the correct action.
  2. Daily Routines: Look at the picture and write the correct action.
  3. Daily Routines: English-Spanish. Match the translations.
  4. Daily Routines: Look at the picture and write the correct action.
  5. Daily Routines: ZonaClic Exercises.
  6. Ordinal Numbers.
  7. Days, months and seasons: Translate them into English.

  2. Present Simple Affirmative 1.
  3. Present Simple Affirmative 2.
  4. Present Simple Affirmative 3.
  5. Present Simple Negative 1.
  6. Present Simple Negative 2.
  7. Present Simple Negative 3.
  8. Present Simple Interrogative 1.
  9. Present Simple Interrogative 2.
  10. Present Simple Interrogative 3.
  11. Adverbs of frequency: Write the sentence with the adverb in the correct place.
  12. Listen and fill in the text with the given words.
  13. Watch the video and write about the young man's routines. Example: He wakes up, he gets up...